In 2017 I moved to Porto and let my artwork to be the result of this displacement. ‘When we made the ocean river’ is a serie of works that reflect of an introspective state and the effort to keep close the people and feelings from the sea beyond.

During the project I started drawing migrant animals, as a way of remember that borders are an abstraction created by humans, and mentioning the utopia of living without them.

It also led me to the No Borders serie.
I wish I was a whale, 2018. Graphite in paper. 1,50 x 2,40m


​​​​​​​NE-SE (2018) Collective Exhibition of Master in Fine Arts in Lugar do Desenho. Gondomar, Portugal.

Postcards, 2018. 10 x 15 cm

I wish I was a whale II, 2018. Charcoal over paper. 1,50 x 2,40m

Animals migrate without crossing borders, 2018. Graphite over paper. 1,05 x 1,5 m

Untitled, 2018. Graphite over paper. 50 x 60 cm. About loneliness and reflexive moments.

Untitled, 2018. Graphite and soft pastel. 50 x 60 cm.

Every tea I drank in the winter, 2018. 82 tea bags.

Tea I, II e III, 2020. 21 x 29 cm (each)

Here comes the sun, 2018. Gif about the begining of summer after a long and rainy winter.

Desaguar a saudade, 2018. Performance video in which I draw a chalk line from my house to the Douro River. A way of connecting to the river, whose waters connect to Porto Alegre. A way of occupying the city in a different timming, with a distinct activity.

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