The graphic facilitation of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt's RISE SYNC event was quite a challenge! In the project, I translated into maps, rich discussions that happened simultaneously between members of BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, the foundation itself and people who have projects related to RISE pillars - Resilience, Intelligence, Sustainability and Equity. Separated in virtual rooms, they were encouraged to share their activities, perspectives and approaches to the future of cities. The online event was held in three major regions: Asia, Europe and North America.

To create the maps, I participated in one of the meetings, and received the key concepts and quotes from all of the meetings, around 16 hours of discussion in total. My challenge, together with Paula Quintas (BMW Foundation Team), was to separete the key concepts into clusters by affinity, connecting it to RISE pillars and relate them to the Sustainable Developement Goals. A true puzzle to solve!

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