This report is designed to uncover trends and insights facing the industry in geographies around the world. It is also meant to promote the people and organizations practicing responsible leadership through their work everyday. It results from five workshops facilitated by specialists and announced by RESPOND (BMW Foundation) and MIT Solve.

Create a visual solution related to mobility, following the RESPOND identity.

Graphic Solution:
Expanding drops with the idea of movement and decentralization, with a bold graphic project.

Check the full report here.

My role: Design

BMW Foundation Report Team 
Heba Aguib, Chief Executive RESPOND & Executive BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt 
Bennet Barth, Program Director RESPOND  
Esben Ehrenriech, Head of Communications RESPOND 
Verena Finkenzeller, Program Manager RESPOND 
Thomas Roehrl, Engagement Lead RESPOND 

MIT Solve 
Gabriella Bianchi, Coordinator, Strategic & Partner Programs
Carlos Centeno, Lead, Economic Prosperity Community
Alexander Dale, Lead, Sustainability & US Communities 
Mike Lenihan, Consultant, Strategic & Partner Programs
Sara Monteabaro, Director, Strategic & Partner Programs
The report was accompanied by a map with global trends and key insights from the workshops.
There were also more detailed regional reports sent to the participants. 

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