Keely Denham is an Australian singer that I met in Porto. In this project, I was able to create together with her and Nicolle Maia (her wife and producer), defining the technique and style of the illustrations. 

Translate Keely's song sensibility and beauty in an image, and create low-budget materials.

Watercolor paintings, that illustrate her songs and connect one CD to another. The project included the creation of a low-cost CD poster envelope: without glue and from an A4 sheet :) The 'Leaves', 'Like (Dying)' and 'Blue Leaves' covers, besides its digital promotional materials (posts for social media, Youtube, and Spotify).

Original painting

 Leaves Cover

Envelope and label.
 Like (Dying) cover
Animation by Alexandre Bisognin.

Blue Leaves Cover

Launching concert at Selina Navis Cowork (Porto).

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